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MSc Restorative Dental Science

MSc Restorative Dental Science

Delivered by the Peninsula Dental School for registered dental practitioners, our MSc in Restorative Dental Science will help you perform advanced restorative treatments with increased skill and confidence.

Course details

This course is not running in September 2023. Future start dates are to be confirmed.


online, part-time


2 years

Total fees

£24,995 (flexible payments available)

Please note that fees are reviewed on an annual basis. Fees shown are the most up to date but still subject to change in exceptional circumstances.

Course overview

Restorative dentistry incorporates the mono-specialist disciplines of endodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, and implant dentistry.

Our programme is designed to provide busy dental practitioners like yourself with the opportunity to study in a flexible manner, so you can continue your clinical work and learn at the times that suit you best. 

Hear from Course Leader, Dr Timothy O'Brien as he answers key questions on what makes the course exciting, career pathways, and studying online.

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This MSc recognises the growing demand for dentists with a special interest and enhanced skills in restorative dentistry. The skills you gain will help elevate your career options, which could include providing care for more challenging cases.

You will receive the expert support needed to strengthen the quality of your practice, and the chance to apply your newly acquired techniques and knowledge to your own patients in real time. 

During your time on the course, you’ll master how to perform more proficient case assessments, diagnoses, and treatment planning. Of course, we’ll also equip you with the techniques and knowledge needed to perform more clinically advanced treatments of patients requiring restorative dentistry.

"You can begin to employ the techniques that you learn on your own patients from the outset, putting into practice what you've learnt in the modules as you undertake them."

Mr Timothy O'Brien, Course Leader

What you’ll study

Created by restorative dentistry specialists with vast experience in postgraduate education and assessment. This course will teach you how to conduct complex restorative treatments that are underpinned by a strong evidence base. As you develop your knowledge of the theories and concepts behind the practice, you’ll gain the expertise needed to bring an added dimension of understanding and analysis to your work.

You will:

  • explore dental issues and procedures with increasing complexity, while learning how to perform them safely and with confidence

  • develop an in-depth understanding of your own work and how to critically evaluate your own decision making

  • dive into deeper development of your practice, including key competencies for future career advancement.

Why study an MSc in Restorative Dental Science?

With new methods, best practices and technologies continuing to shape the field of dental science, it’s more important than ever for dentists to enhance their skillset to adapt. Learn more about how this online Masters can advance your career in this video.

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Module overview

Are you interested?

Entry requirements

If your application is successful, your place will then be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Careers and opportunities

An MSc in Restorative Dental Science showcases your continued commitment to learning and honing your professional skills. You’ll be able to demonstrate a deep understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the oral hard and soft tissues relevant to restorative dentistry.

You’ll also be able to showcase an in-depth understanding of the aetiology and diagnosis of common diseases of the oral hard and soft tissues. Finally, you’ll have a critical and systematic understanding of the behavioural, clinical and technical procedures involved in the management of patients requiring restorative dentistry.

These abilities will not only equip you for future promotions and career opportunities in wider areas of dentistry, but also help you provide quality care for your patients.

As an online student and after you graduate, you’ll have access to the Peninsula Dental School Alumni+ Dentistry Network. Through this network, you can connect to current students, academic staff and alumni worldwide and get updates on the latest online and in-person events and career development opportunities. 

Find out more about how the course can enhance your career in dentistry:

Career benefits of an MSc in Restorative Dental Science

The Peninsula Dental School

The School is committed to three core aims: outstanding clinical education; strong social engagement; and world class research. Staff are committed to addressing today’s most challenging healthcare issues and helping dental practitioners apply what they learn immediately in a clinical setting.

The School is part of the Plymouth Institute of Health and Care Research (PIHR), bringing together academics from Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Psychology and other health-related disciplines.  

The PIHR conducts world-leading research into areas such as: Transformation in life course, ageing, methodologies, e-health, technology and interventions in health, social care, lifestyle, health and wellbeing. 

How the online programme is delivered

This course teaches you advanced restorative techniques, underpinned by a rigorous appraisal of the evidence base, so that you gain the skills to practise critically and effectively in your own dental practice. This is a hands-on course and you will be encouraged to apply your learning to your clinical work, throughout your studies.

As well as seminars, tutorials, and self-directed learning in context, the programme also includes interactive application of the learning to real-life clinical dilemmas.

The MSc in Restorative Dental Science runs over two years. We recommend you dedicate a minimum of one day a week to your studies, but this can be split across evenings or weekends to suit you. The programme consists of five modules using a variety of learning techniques depending on the academic subject matter, such as:

Plymouth online icon
Guided online collaborative discussions/activities
Plymouth lecture icon
Online lectures and seminars
Plymouth critique icon2
Online critiques
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Plymouth reflection icon
Critical self-reflection and independent study

How you’ll be assessed

You’ll be evaluated based on your ability to case assess, diagnose, create treatment plans and appropriately manage patients requiring restorative dentistry in the primary care setting. This will involve a variety of assessments, culminating in a final research dissertation.

You will not need to do any written exams. Your theoretical understanding will be assessed by multiple choice questions. 

Important information regarding access to patients

Please be aware of the following:

  1. You will need access to adult patients, requiring Restorative Dental care, throughout the course
  2. These patients will need to consent to the use of anonymised images and radiographs of them being used by you, as part of your coursework
  3. Not only will this help you to put your new knowledge straight into practice, but you will need this clinical activity in order to complete the assignments.

The course uses a mixture of assessment types which require access to patients, including:

  • Case reports; detailed reports of one or more patients, including photographs and radiographs

  • Reflective logbooks; a "diary" of clinical work, including short descriptions and a selection of photographs and radiographs.

It is important that you ensure that you retain access to patients for this purpose throughout the course, across the full range of restorative dentistry (periodontology, endodontics and prosthodontics) and that they consent to the use of their anonymised records for this purpose.

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