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Dr Timothy O’Brien

Course Leader

MSc Restorative Dental Science

About me

I’m a Consultant in Restorative Dentistry and an Associate Professor in Restorative Dentistry (Education). I am also the Deputy Head of Dental Taught Postgraduate programmes at Peninsula Dental School and the Programme Lead for the MSc in Periodontology.

I am responsible for our five existing MSc programmes and our portfolio of shorter continuing professional development courses. I have many years of experience of teaching and assessing undergraduate and trainee specialists in the Restorative disciplines.

Research areas

My research interests include avoidable harm in medicine and dentistry, professional regulation, and patient safety, while my predominant teaching focus centres around teaching postgraduate students in the various disciplines within Restorative Dentistry.

My publications

  • Plessas A, Nasser M, Hanoch Y, O'Brien T, Bernardes Delgado M & Moles D (2019) 'Impact of Time Pressure on Dentists' Diagnostic Performance', Journal of Dentistry , DOI
  • O'Brien T (2015) 'Reducing Harm in Healthcare Systems', Primary Dental Journal 4, (3) 34-37 , DOI
  • Patel DR, O'Brien T, Petrie A & Petridis H (2014) 'A Systematic Review of Outcome Measurements and Quality of Studies Evaluating Fixed Tooth-Supported Restorations', Journal of Prosthodontics 23, (6) 421-433 , DOI
  • Bryce M, Reynolds E, Price T, Quick O, O'Brien T, Endacott R & Gale T (2022) The concept of seriousness in fitness to practise cases. General Dental Council General Dental Council Publisher Site
  • Plessas A, Paisi M, Bryce M, Burns L, O'Brien T, Witton R & Hanoch Y (2021) Mental Health and Wellbeing in Dentistry: A Rapid Evidence Assessment. General Dental Council Publisher Site
  • Bryce ME, Archer J, Brennan N, Burns L, O'Brien T & Price T (2018) Fitness to practise: Impairment and serious misconduct - a narrative synthesis review. General Dental Council Publisher Site

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