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What's it like to study restorative dental science online?

What's it like to study restorative dental science online?

Almost everyone in the world will require a dental restorative procedure at some point in their life. The need for dental treatment is almost inevitable for most, which is why restorative dentistry is one of the most requested and rewarding areas of practice for dentists today.

Post-Covid, the global restorative dental industry has been picking up rapidly and has a predicted growth rate of $22 billion by 2027, from $16.5 billion in 2022. Market research also noted that Europe has taken the largest share of the restorative dentistry market, closely followed by North America.

The decision to add value to your professional profile through studying for a postgraduate degree in restorative dental science will help to develop your skills, wherever you might be in the world.

Continuing your studies online

Studying online is the perfect option when it is difficult to take time away from your work or personal commitments. The University of Plymouth offers a postgraduate programme in Restorative Dental Science, which is available online and part-time for anyone across the world who wishes to further their studies in the field.

There is absolutely no requirement whatsoever to leave your work/practice and incur moving costs and visas, when you will be provided with everything you’ll need to ensure you are well prepped for taking your course. So you have the freedom to continue with your work and improve your career path at the same time.

You can access all your modules, assignments and course material anytime you want so you can get to work within your time zones and when it's comfortable for you.

This is not to say you will be studying by yourself - you will have tutors and peers available on discussion forums and weekly webinars, so you will be connected and supported throughout.

Your international peers will be other professionals like yourself, and you can discuss and share ideas to boost your knowledge together, while getting to know each other as well.

More about the online and part-time MSc in Restorative Dental Science

The course is designed to help further your career in dentistry within the restorative dental disciplines, and will help you to gain the knowledge required to practice effectively with the latest techniques and learning material. This includes a number of learning avenues, but most importantly knowing how to apply what you've learnt to clinical problems.

With the Master’s programme running over two years, you will study five modules through guided online collaborative discussions and activities, online lectures, seminars and critiques, tutorials and critical independent study.

The modules in the Master’s in Restorative Dental Science at the University of Plymouth start with Pathogenesis and Diagnosis of Dental Diseases and Dental Materials. This explores the basic science behind common diseases and relevance to restorative dentistry. This is followed by the second module which covers Caries, Tooth Surface Loss and Direct Restorations.

The next module covers Periodontology and Endodontics diagnosis in depth and looks at treatment methods and the role of surgical intervention. The final module prior to your research project will be all about fixed and removable Prosthodontics, discussing the replacement of teeth using various types of prosthesis. Finally, your research project will help you develop evidence-based dentistry skills on the completion of your project.

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