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Career benefits of an MSc in Restorative Dental Science

Career benefits of an MSc in Restorative Dental Science

Are you a dentist looking to develop a portfolio career, contemplating how you could re-ignite your passion for dentistry or just wanting to further enhance your skills and knowledge to improve patient care and grow your business?  If so, the online part-time MSc in Restorative Dental Science, from the University of Plymouth, can provide a high-quality postgraduate education to help busy primary care dentists study in a flexible manner to enhance the quality and level of dentistry they provide.  

Provide the best patient journey  

Education and development opportunities in healthcare are evolving along with changing population need, and dentistry is no exception. Primary care settings are increasingly becoming the focus for the greater part of dental care provision. Albeit supplemented by dental colleagues in the community, hospital, academic, research and public health arenas, primary care settings are well placed to deliver the right services to the right patients at the right time, providing the best patient journey possible, delivered by dentists with enhanced skills.    

Gain access to cutting-edge research

The University of Plymouth is a research intensive university. Your course is designed and taught by academics who are leaders in their field, conduct game-changing research and have become adept at adapting to rapid change. Research forms a fundamental part of course content, which means you benefit from the very latest knowledge and thinking in your discipline.

Benefits of a research-intensive university

Deliver comprehensive and quality patient care 

The skills and knowledge gained in this MSc in Restorative Dental Science can open up access to this developing space for dentists with enhanced skills sitting between generalist and specialist dentistry. Dentists with enhanced skills may choose to use this MSc-level postgraduate training as a pathway towards a specialist qualification if that’s the route they would like to take.  

A specialism in restorative dentistry usually takes five years in a full-time training programme. This alternative MSc route to delivering enhanced skills in primary care is an attractive proposition for many to be able to take their career forward by competently and confidently delivering comprehensive and quality patient care. Additionally, this postgraduate qualification can also be used as a route into academia or research providing opportunities to develop a more portfolio type career.  

Receive high quality postgraduate education  

This flexible and advanced programme provides high quality postgraduate education in restorative dental science. Students will develop a deep and systematic knowledge and understanding of key concepts and latest evidence base. It encompasses the dental restorative mono-specialities of endodontics, periodontics and fixed and removable prosthodontics making it suitable for all dentists looking to improve their career irrespective of stage or location.    

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