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Benefits of submitting an early application

Benefits of submitting an early application

Discover the benefits of submitting your university application sooner rather than later. 

If you’re thinking about applying to university, one of the first things you need to do is check out any application deadline. Now while you’ll obviously have to submit your application before this cut-off date, the big question is should you do it sooner or later?

Below are some of the benefits of applying to university early. ​​​

Plenty of time to prepare your application/s

Understandably, you want to make sure each and every application you make promotes you in the best possible light academically, personally and professionally. Beginning your application preparation early on gives you more time to research your course and desired institution, tailor your personal statement, update your CV, and collate copies of any exam results, English Language test certificates, degree transcripts, and references.

Get a second opinion

Poor grammar and spelling mistakes can create a poor first impression, yet they can happen to the best of us – even when English is our first language! Preparing your application with plenty of time to spare means you’ll be able to schedule in plenty of proofreading. You may also find it helpful to get a second opinion and benefit from a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ from a trusted friend or family member.

Get your applications out of the way

One major benefit to note when it comes to applying to university early is the fact by doing so, you’ll get a major job out of the way – particularly important if your to-do list is already pretty long. Whether you’re finishing up existing study and simply want to enjoy a break before further studies, or you’re already juggling work and family commitments, you’ll find that applying early reduces your stress – it’s definitely a weight off your shoulders.

Hear back sooner

By applying early, you are not only demonstrating your enthusiasm and commitment as a potential candidate, but also ensuring you get an early decision and the peace of mind that comes with you. You’re also avoiding potential delays and disappointment caused by the inevitable flurry of applications that come in close to the deadline.

Better chance of securing a place

Applying to university early on provides you with a significant statistical advantage in the application process because fewer students tend to apply early. This means that you are effectively competing with a smaller number of applicants for the greatest number of course places. However, be aware that we often find that the students who apply early are some of our strongest applicants.

Time for alternative options

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to secure your place on your first choice course, it’s better to learn this sooner rather than later. While you’ll naturally be disappointed, you will still have enough time and space to figure out what to do next – whether that’s considering a different course or retaking exams so you can apply to the same course again at a later stage.

Time to make a considered decision

It’s essential you take it slow and weigh all your options, particularly if you are applying to more than one of our courses. Submitting your applications early on avoids any last-minute panic and gives you more time to make your choice carefully. You can ensure you meet any conditions received as part of a conditional offer, for example, relating to English Language tests.

Sort out funding

In general, international students require an unconditional offer to start applying for scholarships and bursaries. By submitting your application early, you’re giving yourself plenty of time to investigate and apply for any bursaries or scholarships, which may impact your final decision.

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