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Elizabeth Cobbett

Module Leader

MA International Relations: Security and Development

About me

I am a lecturer in Politics and International Relations at the University of Plymouth, UK. Before entering academia, I developed expertise and experience in political economy analysis, with practical experience in feminist and social movements, and grassroots communities, in Canada and Mozambique. Here, I was part of the implementation of the 2000 World March of Women in Southern Africa.

I have a reputation of being an excellent lecturer committed to decolonising the curriculum and drawing out the passion students have for the study of global politics, African politics and political economy. In the UK, I was awarded the Fellowship of the British Higher Education Academy (HEA). 

For the last twenty years, my research has centred on critical perspectives of African political economies. Connect with Elizabeth on LinkedIn.

Key achievements 


Visiting Professor Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) Carleton University, Canada 


Visiting teaching fellow Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain


International Studies Association (ISA) Robert W. and Jessie Cox Graduate Essay Award  


Representative World March of Women 2000, Maputo, Mozambique 

Research projects

Growth of African Financial Systems

This maps the emerging geography of finance across the continent, with a focus on South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Morocco.

New Shapes & Processes: Evolving Infrastructures between Africa and the Indian Ocean

This is my latest publication, ‘Djiboutian Sovereignty: Worlding global security networks’ in International Affairs comes out of this research.

“Many of you come from a variety of backgrounds. That is OK! Great even. More fun. Whether you have already studied global politics, want to change academic direction, or just have a keen interest in the area - as educators we are used to working with a variety of students coming from many disciplines.”

Elizabeth Cobbett

My publications

  • Cobbett, E, and R. Mason. 2021 ‘Djiboutian Sovereignty: Worlding global security networks’, International Affairs, Volume 97, Issue 6, November 2021, Pages 1767–1784
  • Cobbett, E. 2022. ‘Geopolitics of Finance in Africa: Birth of Financial Centres and not Monetary Unions’, in Ben Gadha et al. (Eds) The Quest for Economic and Monetary Sovereignty in 21st Century Africa, London: Pluto
  • Cobbett, E. and R. Germain. 2012. ‘Occupy Wall Street and International Political Economy: insights and implications’, Journal of Critical Globalization Studies, ‘Imperialism, Finance and #Occupy’ 5:110-113.

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