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Top international relations podcasts

Top international relations podcasts

MA International Relations Course Leader, Dr Patrick Holden, shares his recommended podcasts.

Keep up to date, broaden your outlook, and deepen your knowledge – maybe even change your mind. These podcasts chosen by MA International Relations Course Leader Dr Patrick Holden will challenge your preconceptions and spark new ideas. They’re a great way to supplement the learning and skills you’ll gain from your studies, giving you the power to contribute to meaningful discussion and practical application.

Global Dispatches

Featured in The Guardian’s 27 podcasts to make you smarter, Global Dispatches is the longest running international relations and global affairs podcast. Host, Mark Leon Goldberg, examines big stories and key trends, as well as shedding light on under-covered topics in conversations with prominent policymakers, social entrepreneurs, journalists, academics, and even Nobel Prize winners.

Geopolitics & Empire

Born from a series of Skype calls connecting his students with leading experts, Hrvoje Morić and his guests delve straight into on-the-pulse issues, stretching from biosecurity to anti-establishment rebellion in rock music. Providing a forum for alternative voices, you’ll hear from whistleblowers, satirists, spies, and dissidents.

World Politics Review – Trend Lines

Get to grips with pivotal global issues, looking beyond a US-centric viewpoint. From breaking stories to longstanding concerns, Trend Lines offers unfaltering, critical commentaryinto the most pressing international challenges, thanks to expert contributors and the WPR mission – to commit to integrity, quality, and intellectual honesty.

The Global Governance Podcast

Hosted by award-winning international economist Augusto Lopez-Claros, a leading voice in global governance, explore the role it plays in a range of fundamental global concerns, including but not confined to security, corruption, gender equality and the climate crisis. Carefully selected guests provide invaluable and profound insight into their areas of expertise.

Center for Global Development

How do we make the world a richer, fairer place? Championing unique perspectives and underrepresented issues, a variety of hosts and guests discuss the biggest questions surrounding global prosperity. In their series, Lagos to Mombasa, Gyude Moore is joined by researchers and practitioners to explore and analyse development policies and practices in Africa.

Security Dialogue

Security Dialogue is a fully peer-reviewed journal, and its podcast discusses in depth the papers featured in its bi-monthly publication in interviews with their writers. Casting a critical, scholarly eye across security issues such as global terrorism, environmental security, and pandemics, discover the latest approaches to security theory and practice.

Development Drums

Owen Barder, former Vice President of the Center for Global Development, hosts the Development Drums podcast, which covers topics such as technology, development policies and aid, global poverty, health and behavioural economics. Each area is explored in enough detail to provide new insight whilst remaining accessible and engaging.

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